Invest in London student pods from March 2013…

London student pods for sale from March 2013

Your own investment in London city for £70k?

Running in tandem with our previously announced Liverpool student pods, we have been in direct communication with an international developer who is on the verge of committing to a niche market and one that we have been working on for the last 6 months: London Student Pods. We are very excited to be part of this new project and have agreed a preliminary agreement as master agents for the entire development. This means that we will have head control of any London student pods for sale as part of this scheme.

In essence, the student pod development will require a two year build period and will be priced from £70,000+ per room with a target net yield of 8%. These are early figures, so please do not take these figures as definitive. The angle we are working from is highly specialised and the developer partners that we will be co-operating with are developers with over 25 years of build experience in the leisure industry, mostly outside of Europe. They realise the unique opportunity and the immense demand in the market for structured and long term investments to the end user market – especially for key parts of London.

Our clients and potential clients have been requesting a student project in London for some time now and we are happy that we can report something positive after many months of discussions. Any professional investor who wants to diversify his or her portfolio should be excited to read this as it is rare for such investment opportunities to present themselves in London.

Other than the above information, we are not releasing any further information until closer to the product launch which we expect will be February or March 2013. Hopefully, we should have more pre-release information to prospective investors by Christmas this year.

All we are doing now is taking initial enquiries and will be in contact in due course to those clients who have expressed an interest in investing in London student pods for sale. Please register your interest by contacting us here.

  1. London student accommodation wanted to purchase for investment

  2. I am interesting in investing in London in new student pods. I want to invest in the next 12 mounths about 1M.

    I´m from Spain and I have more properties in London.

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