Current Investment Schemes

Manchester property investment guaranteed yield

Social Property Investments

From £70,000 // 8%+ Net Yields

We work with councils and housing associations in the North of England, the Midlands and Yorkshire. 

These UK Government backed tenancies come with a 5 - 10 year rental guarantee, offering in excess of an 8% net rental yield.

assisted living properties

Assisted Living Investments

Guaranteed Bond Scheme  // 6% Yield

** Coming soon ** This opportunity is for clients that are looking for solid long term returns.

This product is in the pipeline and is due to go live towards the end of 2020. Please enquire and register your interest with us.

“Having a rental income on autopilot, guaranteed for at least 5 years and having the UK Government as your main tenant - what's not to like?”

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Social Property Investment From £70,000 // 8%+ Net Yields // After Content 13th September 2019