Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us. Click on the question to open up the answer.

Are you a developer or agent?
The short answer is both. We partner up with a certain type of developer and work with receivers if we think their products will be of interest to our client base. We also develop large developments for investment purposes with view to offering singular units to our investors.
Are you a privately funded company?
Yes. Our fund providers are a consortium of investment groups – primarily from the Far East.
You only started trading recently. How can I trust you?
As a stand alone property consultancy, Aston Eaves has only been trading since 2011. However, our parent company has been in business since 2006. Feel free to contact us to request company trading history.
Can you provide client testimonials?
Yes.  Just ask and we’ll forward you some names, emails and telephone numbers of clients that have bought through us. Please go to our client testimonial page to get a brief look at some reviews.
How do I know the prices you offer are true discounts?
It’s up to you to do your due diligence on the proposal you are interested in. For our part, we provide RICS surveys wherever available. Alternatively, we use current and past sales listing prices to determine the current discount.
Why was Aston Eaves created?
The main directors at Aston Eaves have worked at some of the best and some of the worst property related companies in the UK and abroad. They decided enough was enough – surely there can be a property consultancy that can be ethical, transparent and still create wealth? We strive to have a life long relationship with our investors as we want to do things the right way.
How is my money protected?
We are regulated by the Bank of Scotland Merchant processing services, SagePay and any monies that you send for our developments are held in escrow with the solicitors. Please read the legals page to see how we work with lawyers to protect your money. In any case, you may wish to pay any fees with a credit card and most credit card companies will offer protection to the consumer. Please check with your card provider to determine this level of protection.
Are you an estate agent or lettings agent?
No – we are a property investment consultancy and a developer. We are not an estate or lettings agent, though we can refer you to one.
Are you regulated by the FSA?
No, we are not regulated by the FSA and we are not required to do so. We do not give out financial advice, however we can refer you to a mortgage provider or insurance provider as and when required.
What are your fees?
We have a 3 tiered fee structure. Please go to this page for more information.
Are the fees refundable?
All our fees are refundable minus a 20% admin fee prior to any contracts being sent out by the issuing solicitor. Once contracts have been fully issued, then the reservation fee is not refundable. In effect, the reservation is used to pay for the legal and admin costs that we have to cover if a client changes his or her mind.
I'm not from the United Kingdom - can you help and can I still invest?
Yes. We do get inquiries from people outside of the UK and we have a substantial base of clients from India, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia and China. As long as you have the capital to invest and understand how we operate, then we welcome you as a client.