…A keen eye in identifying assets at undermarket prices…
 We are a small company that serves a niche. All our employees and partners have a background in property and we have a long term vested interest in related investments. We are specialist brokers of alternative investments including hotel rooms, student property investments and social housing investments. With over 15 years of combined experience in property sourcing, client management and investment consultancy in the UK, Poland, Dubai and the USA, Aston Eaves is adequately positioned to seek out and analyse potential opportunities for its clients.

We believe that working together in a relationship of equals with clients brings the best results.
 Further to this, over 60% of the staff employed at Aston Eaves have a sizeable property portfolio of their own and a considerable number actively invest in the projects we are involved in. This provides assurance and responsibility to the client and shows that we are active investors ourselves. In short, we make investments affordable, transparent and realistic. While we regularly offer the traditional model of investing, we always look to introduce a new product if, and only if, there is a solid return on investment for our investors.