Liverpool student pods investment

Invest in Halls of Residence from £32,000

Liverpool student pods are high in demand, especially from our North American, Middle Eastern and South East Asian clients. They realise that Liverpool is a prime city in the UK with a very high student population.

We are happy to tentatively announce a student development in the heart of Liverpool with the residence a mere four minute walk to the University of Liverpool campus. That’s not an off hand claim – we’ve actually timed it. This is one of the key factors in why this development has a 100% occupancy rate. We anticipate releasing these student pods in Liverpool to the general public by the beginning of September. Clients will then be able to come to the development and see the flourishing student scene and the fact that the development is actually occupied and not off-plan – as is the case with a number of student developments across the North West.

It should be noted that the developer is not desperate to sell but is keen to move onto different projects, and this is why they are looking to exit. They will happily retain any unsold units as part of their portfolio, but we anticipate selling out of our Liverpool student pods due to the following factors listed below.

Why should you invest in our Liverpool student pods?

  • 100% occupancy for the last five years – provable!
  • This not off-plan. Currently occupied – Get an immediate return on your money.
  • Student pods from £32,000 to £37,000 – The lowest ever priced student pods in Liverpool.
  • 9% net yields guaranteed for 3 years.
  • 110% buy-back scheme between years 2 and 3.
  • Four minutes walk to the University of Liverpool Campus.
  • 150 student pods available in total.
  • Mortgages available at 70% LTV if you buy 7 student pods (Available to UK clients only).

This is a great opportunity to get involved in a project where there is current income, the  development is fully occupied and constantly in demand – all for a bargain price of £32,000-£37,000. So, what is stopping you from investing in Liverpool student pods? Get in touch today with any questions you may have about this exciting and soon to be released development.

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  1. Hi. I’m very interested in buying some student pods. The net returns and buy back schemes make it look like a very attractive and on the face of it, a risk free, investment. However, with regard to the Liverpool pods I’m a bit confused. On one hand you are saying they are a good investment, and on the other you are advising against them — Is an old page???

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