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Is Birmingham just about the booze and balti?

Curious clients that recently received out mailer on investing in Birmingham have asked us what the city has to offer besides being a short train ride from London? Is the Balti Triangle the cultural highlight of a visit to Birmingham?

Despite attracting derision from Northerners for being in the South and from Southerners claiming that Birmingham is in the north, we only have good things to say about the city and can confirm that offers much more than just a pint and a curry, even though these two are an excellent choice on cold, blustery Birmingham evening.

In our opinion, it has a legitimate case for claiming to have the best concert hall in the whole of the United Kingdom, with the Symphony Hall sitting at the number one position for ‘Things to do in Birmingham’ on Tripadvisor. Furthermore, it has an excellent and genuinely world class orchestra.

Even Rough Guides have got in on the act and declared the city of Birmingham to be a top 10 place to visit in 2015. This brilliantly produced time lapse video from the Rough Guide website highlights a few of the places to visit in the city:

Even our friendly visitors from over the pond now see Birmingham as an alternative place to visit when landing on these shores as highlighted by this article in the Independent. So, to our clients (and visitors to this page), the answer is a firm ‘Yes!’ – Birmingham as an investment choice from a cultural perspective offers far much more than just the famous brummie accent and the Balti.

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