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We have 3 services for this investment: (a) SALE, (b) SOURCE or (c) LETTINGS

We work with Government representatives to provide long term furnished accommodation to the asylum and refugee sector. We now offer three services detailed below for clients that are interested in guaranteed rent from the government for 5 to 7 years:

Sales Package

from £55,000

Source Package

from £5,000

Lettings Package

from £750
  • Income producing from day 1.
  • Fully refurbished and furnished.
  • 2 and 3 bedroom properties.
  • Priced from £55,000 to £95,000.
  • Complete armchair investment.
  • 5 to 7 year rental guarantee.
  • We research and find a property.
  • We manage refurbishment.
  • We furnish the property to standard.
  • A fixed fee of £5,000 per property.
  • More transparent; more hands on.
  • 5 to 7 year rental guarantee.
  • We inspect a property you own.
  • We provide required furnishings.
  • We manage the lettings / meet client.
  • Minimum involvement from client.
  • 5 to 7 year rental guarantee.

(a) Sales Package

With this service, we buy properties at below market value, undertake the necessary refurbishment and then once complete, we provide all the furnishings and sell on to our clients on a minimum 5 year lease to the government. This is a full armchair investment which requires very little input from the client. Our properties start from £55,000 up to approximately £95,000.

(b) Source Package

This option is for clients that want to be involved from the very beginning. We work with the client in identifying the right property, the client buys the property under our guidance and then we move on to refurbishment and then furnish the property with view to a minimum 5 year rental guarantee with the government. With this option, we charge a fixed fee of £5,000 for each property from start to finish. Please note, any acquisition, renovation and furnishing costs are borne by the client. Our role in this is to manage the entire procedure from start to finish on behalf of the client. Please click sourcing asylum investments for more information.

(c) Lettings Package

In this option, we first do all the necessary checks to see if the property location is suitable for asylum seeker and refugee rentals. If so, we then proceed to check the property itself is suitable. From then we either 3 further options: Standard, Furnish or Complete which vary from fixed £750 to £1350 +10% management depending on the service. To read more about this, please click how to let properties to asylum seekers.

  1. Hello, I am intresting the letting pakage, I don’t understand the price: if I pay 750usd, what can I get?
    thanks your reply advanced!


  2. resale?tenure freeholds? legal fees? p.s. I like the site it is very clear. REGARDS

  3. info please. resale? tenure? freeholds, legal fees?

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