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Do a Social Good!

Invest in a social housing property, get a guaranteed 8% net rental yield for 5 years and have a positive social impact!

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Investing in Social Property Investments

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If you’ve got an interest in doing a social good and want to invest in property for a minimum of 5 years, then we are the UK specialists for this type of investment scheme in the North of England, Yorkshire and the North East.

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  • How you can invest between £70,000 to £120,000 and get a guaranteed fixed return for 7 years
  • Set and forget: Don’t want to get your hands dirty? We manage everything from day 1.
  • Provide good quality, modern and safe homes for those fleeing persecution and suffering.

This investment guide will show you:

9 key questions you need answering about this scheme

Our investment guide will answer all those burning questions you have about this type of niche investment. It isn’t for everyone, so it’s best that you are aware from the outset on how we operate this scheme.

Why we love this type of investment and so will you

Every single one of our investor always returns to invest more money with us (funds permitting). it is such a stable, regular rental income that it makes sense to all types of long term landlord investors.

Understand licensing, financing & contracts

We outline how you can finance this type of investment. Naturally, cash investors are preferred but mortgages can be obtained. Typically, you’ll need a minimum of circa £30,000 if you’re looking to get finance.

Understand rent guarantee offered by a regulated partner

A trusted and regulated FTSE 250 partner guarantees the contract. It’s as secure as any residential lease can be and it would be remarkable if anything averse were to occur.

Some comments about this guide:

image of kash

We’ve been doing this for 8 years and will continue to do so.

Since setting up in 2012 to offer different types of investment, this is the one that really caught our eye and is the only type of guaranteed rental scheme that has actually performed.

KASH UDDIN  //  Operations Director // Aston Eaves

Aston Eaves background

You need to be in this for the long haul; it’s not for everyone.

Our investors love this type of investment and we also do a social good by providing really good quality homes to vulnerable tenants. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been personally thanked by the tenants on helping them. Its a win-win.

ABEDA BEGUM  //  Sales Director // Aston Eaves

Aston Eaves background

I’m glad that these guys are being looked after.

What’s important for me to know is that I can switch off and leave it to Aston Eaves to look after the property. It’s also heartening to get feedback that the guys living in the houses are being looked after while their cases are processed.

JAMES DELANEY  //  Investor // Singapore

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