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So far this year, TWELVE student pod or student room investment schemes have been offered by developers or agents in the UK. Make sure you don’t get ripped off – ask the key questions before you invest!

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Top 6 locations for student investment in 2018

The best locations to invest are different from 5 years ago. Outside of London, there is such a variety of prices and rental demands, we will reveal to you where you should and shouldn’t be buying in 2018.

12 key investment questions you need to ask

With over 90 universities in the UK, the dynamics of each student area is entirely different to the next. We have stripped it down to 12 key questions you need to ask about the investment – anywhere in the UK.

Understand licensing, leasehold & contracts

Depending on where and from whom you are buying the investment, you will need to get the specific answers on legal and contractual obligations, rental guarantee credibility and exit strategies.

Who should read the investment guide?

Our report details 12 key questions that the agents or developers will not care to answer in much depth. They would rather you not be so troublesome with these queries and instead to open up your wallet!

With this free brochure, you will be armed with the most important points of discussion that YOU can ask the developer and not the other way around.

Don’t become another victim in the horror stories!

Liverpool student pod investment rip off

A development in Liverpool that was susceptible to problems from the beginning when suspicions arose. A lack of payment coming forward meant that a civil class action was taken to take control of the development (which is still ongoing).

student pod bad review

Student pods were attacked by the Financial Times as failing to deliver on its promises. A development in Canterbury and Manchester we the focus of this report with more landlords not being paid their rent that was due.

fresh start living student pods

A student pod company based in Salford was subject to an in depth investigation by the Mirror newspaper with the company soon closing its doors and disappearing in 2012. The investors still struggle to this day to recover their losses.

There are many more examples of this type of scheme not working out in different parts of the United Kingdom and the only time that we think that you should even consider this type of investment is in the following scenario:

  • If you have nowhere else to park your cash
  • If you are foreign based and have no access to other managed investments

That’s it! In no other circumstance should you think that this is a good investment – it isn’t and you will be complaining about it in two, three or five years when you’re stuck with it!

Don’t be another victim to some poor investment schemes or you risk reading about it on some of the national newspapers. Do your full due diligence and ask the right questions before you put down a deposit!

you make money in property when you buy, not when you sell

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