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Investing in Student Property in Sheffield – Is it worth it?

Sheffield is getting a lot of interest amongst investors and the reason behind this is, I would suggest, is the great strides taken by agents and sub-sellers who are actively and heavily promoting this Sheffield student investment over the internet.

We would like to add that, on paper, it seems to be a good investment, so we wish the developers behind this all the best and hope they can deliver on their promise.

But what is it about Sheffield student investment that is causing this unprecedented interest?

Agents halfway across the world are also marketing and promoting the project in their respective countries and I personally received two separate emails from two different agents/companies within the space of 6 hours in relation to the Hub in Sheffield. It should be noted that some of the agents were selling the same product at differing prices, so we are not exactly sure what is going on there. Maybe some of the rooms are bigger than others or it may be that different agents have either been given different prices or are adding on their own commissions on top.

In any case, is there that much of a void in quality student accommodation in Sheffield?

Is there a need for purpose built private halls of residences in Sheffield and if so, why aren’t the two universities in the city doing something about it? This requires further research, so I’ve decided to subscribe my details to a couple of property agents who are marketing Sheffield student investments with view to attending a seminar in the next 4 weeks. Once I have my queries addressed, I will return and post my findings on why there seems to be a recent demand or push for student investments in Sheffield.

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are a registered company in Dubai, UAE and would like to invest in US Real Estate. I would like to know the procedure and details especially tax and legal framework.


    Arfan Asrhaf

  2. Dear,
    Is this accomodation ready and who will be in charge of renting them out, i need a flat close to Uni;

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