Here’s what others are saying:

It’s obvious that if you have cash and want buy a house for investment, then now is definately as good a time as any in the last decade. Aston Eaves put my money into one of these student rooms and I can’t complain with £2100 a year being returned on my £26,000 investment. Thanks again Wayne – you were a pleasure to deal with..

– Ali Malik,

I wanted help from someone local who understood my situation. Aston Eaves, even though they have a London address, have a local presence in Manchester and I was happy to meet some of their employees face to face.

– Emma Broughton

I have invested in property for over 11 years and have a portfolio over 40 properties. I bought 2 apartments this year through Aston Eaves and even though I was a bit wary as they are so new, I was overawed by their enthusiasm. I don’t know if it’s a sales pitch or if they genuinely believe in it, but I wanted to have a punt. So far, so good – I’ll be back to buy more if this does work out.

– Gareth Jones
Aberystwyth, Wales

After my divorce, I was left with my daughter to care for and I genuinely want to make things easier for her than what it was like for me growing up. I had always seen these TV shows and heard from others about investing in property. I’m thankful that Aston were able to find something local and manageable for me..

– Sylvie Copeland

I didn’t buy this time around as I have enough condominiums in the USA, but I’d like to say that you were professional and courteous throughout. Your brochures were very informative and brilliantly designed.

– Mr.Arash

Everything was set up for me from the United Kingdom and the solicitor that they recommend was very good and fast also. I am happy with everything and it was very affordable.

– Nathawut Supokam
Bangkok, Thailand