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Low cost, high yield student pods in Sheffield

£14,500 for a Sheffield student pod investment, nothing else to pay, 21% gross yields, 12% net yields and the room is currently tenanted and has been for the past 9 years – Does it get any better than that?

Hopefully, we’ll have some exciting news soon and plan to release over 50 student rooms in central Sheffield which yield between 8% -12% net and cost between £14,500 to £22,000 all inclusive per pod or per room. So for a mere £14,500 you can begin to reap the benefits of investing in the student market in the UK and in return, you’ll be getting a gross yield in excess of 20% and a net yield of 12%. Let’s be honest about this, for £14,500, you’re not going to get much – in effect a standard student room with a bed, a desk and a wardrobe – but it’s the cashflow you should be looking at.

The site that we’ll hopefully be releasing at the beginning of February 2012 is specifically targeted at those that are looking for a low risk investment, fully managed and fully maintained – there’s nothing else for you to do apart from selecting your preferred Sheffield student pod and having a bank account to receive your rental payments.

Are the Sheffield student pods managed currently?

We went to the site again this week and managed to spend a good 2 hours with the current staff who run the operation and we were taken aback by the high levels of professionalism and personal input into the setup. 90% of the current tenants were students who had been there for 3 years which defied natural logic that students tend to stay put in these halls for one year before moving on to private accommodation. A major reasoning behind this is due to the location of the site which is as central as you can get, but a bigger reasoning, we believe is the emotional and personal input that these 3 employees have put into the place over the last 9 years. That’s one thing that investors and landlords tend to overlook, especially, when it comes to managing a residence like this – the tenants are not just mere numbers and having a long standing personal touch (albeit professional when required) reduces voids and disputes which are disruptive when operating rental investments.

We intend on interviewing the three employees and putting a video of them up on the website in addition to interviewing the current tenants who, without any exception, genuinely seemed to enjoy living there. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of the positivity that we experienced from 53 happy individuals.

Again, just to point out, these student pods in Sheffield are targeted to investors who:

– do not wish to leverage

– have cash in the bank but do not want to make a huge investment

– are happy to invest in singular student accommodation pods

– want to see an immediate return on investment

– want a hands off approach

If the above fits your profile and you are looking to invest in student pods, then certainly get in touch.


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  3. Hi I am interested to buy student rooms I would like to know the exact location, is it near the university of Shefield?

    Just please tell me all expenses of it how big is it in square meter and how many are they for sale

    If you have any photos of the building are they any toilets kitchen inside the building?
    just please give me any possible references

    Kind regards
    Marika Klambatsea

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