Scam Alert: Bedroom furnishings from the back of a van!

scam bed mattresses

Are you buying mattresses for a bed like this? If so, we have a contact for you…

Not really related to any particular investment and more of a landlord issue more than anything, but we thought we’d send a quick notice to our clients that are located in the Greater Manchester and Merseyside areas: In the last few weeks we’ve had two van drivers from, as far as we’re aware, two different companies drop by at a renovation that we are undertaking in Manchester with both drivers offering mattresses for sale, priced between £120 and £160 for a junior double (or three-quarter) mattress.

The sales line was that the items were slight seconds e.g. some loose stitching or damask cover discolouration. Obviously, nothing to be too worried about then?

They were supposedly pocket sprung, had all the correct fire safety labels, were packaged in sealed plastic and best of all – they were heavily discounted! However, we didn’t let the moment get the better of us and declined the opportunity to purchase. Upon closer inspection and doing some rooting around on the internet, it seems to be a common scam that has been doing the rounds for the last few years, and not just locally based. There are stories of this occurring across the country.

Send us your stories of deals that were too good to be true

In truth, these mattresses are old mattresses that were given new coverings and made to look and feel new with tufting to reinforce. They  will more than likely not pass any fire safety checks and obviously there will have been no quality assessment on whether these mattresses are still any good. So as good as the deal looked for our recently refurbished HMO house, we decided against buying a cleverly disguised old mattress which had probably seen better days. So if you get a man in a white van offering heavily reduced mattresses, we suggest that you give it a wide berth!

If you put mattress scam into Google, you will come across many stories of this happening across the country.

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