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Rent out your house to asylum seekers and refugees

rent out house to asylum seekersSince we have gained a wealth of experience in selling asylum seeker investments to our UK and international clients, we’ve had a number of requests from clients who did not end up buying from us but asked for something else very similar. These clients were happy to pay a fee and we’re now offering this service to all clients who fit the profile and want to rent their houses or flats to asylum seekers. In short, if you have a property that you’d like to let out in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area on a 5 (or 7) year guaranteed rental contract and as long as the property matches what we’re looking for, we can offer the following:

  1. STANDARD – Property assessment and consultancy only with view to acceptance for £750
  2. FURNISH – Property assessment, consultancy and a complete set of furnishings required for £1,350 inclusive
  3. COMPLETE – Property assessment, consultancy and a complete set of furnishings required for £1,350 inclusive + 10% ongoing management

In effect, the lowest cost solution is the STANDARD service which incorporates a property assessment and discussion with you to see if your property fits the profile for these long term rental investments. Once the property is accepted, we ask for a one time £750 fee. In all cases, these properties need to be furnished with beds, wardrobes, chest of drawers, sofas and dining table with chairs as a minimum. If you’d like us to provide the furnishings in addition to the basic service, then we can do it for £1,350 inclusive of delivery and construction/fitting as per the FURNISH service above. As a final option and something which is completely and wholly hands free is the COMPLETE service above whereby we offer a 10% management fee for ongoing services. What this means is that we will liase with the Home Office agents and asylum seekers and will only bother you when something needs paying for e.g. washer machine repairs, boiler repairs and so on. Any asylum seeker related issue will not be your concern. We would recommend options STANDARD and FURNISH to everyone, but especially the COMPLETE option if you have a property in the North West but live too far away to attend any property concerns.

Please get in touch if any of these services interest you and we’ll be happy to discuss things with you at a preliminary stage. Once we’ve done the fact finding mission, we can give either a positive or negative response and then take it from there.

If you’re looking for the full asylum seeker property sourcing service from start to finish, we charge a £3,500 fee per property and you can read more about this by clicking here.

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  1. I currently own an HMO in East Manchester and am interested in adapting it for rental purposes to refugees or asylum seekers.
    Im interest to learn more about this and would be grateful to hear from you.



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