We are considering running property investment seminars

property investment seminarsHaving now accrued a huge interest in the social care investment , we are giving some thought to offering a seminar to cater to clients that are unable to come to our offices to discuss what options we can present to them. There are two options that we have given considerable thought to and will hopefully implement one of the following in the New Year. We are more inclined to offering an online seminar only as this is the easiest solution, but due to reasons explained below, we may even do both, depending on the interest we can pique:

  • A London based investment seminar which will highlight the property investment opportunities we currently have an in particular, explore the fund that we are intending on developing in relation to social care investments.
  • Along the same theme, but this time make the property investment seminar available online – either via a live link or actually to make the seminar available to clients that have specifically registered and expressed interest in the product in question.

Online property investment seminars are less hassle, right?

It will probably be a combination of the two, but at this moment in time, it seems that a live webinar to cater for our international investors is possibly the way to move forward on this. By doing this, all the benefits of holding a property investment seminar is made available without all the hassles of travel and scheduling conflicts.

Saying that, it is always good for clients to meet the company face to face – so we will probably make the first option available too.  We could even record the seminar and then make the video available online to clients that have expressed interest in such property investment seminars.

Where to hold the property investment seminars?

So, please do feel free to get in touch to let us know which option suits you better and if you would be interested in attending in person, then which location suites you best – Manchester or London.

Remember, this news release will only be going out to clients that have expressed an interest in the social care investments that we have been working on for the last 12 months. We anticipate releasing more information about this in the new year, but in the meantime we’re trying to come up with a solution that enables all interested clients in benefiting, necessitating this question on whether we should offer a property investment seminar online or offline.

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