You can reserve unit via BACS transfer or pay via Debit or Credit card.

BACS or Bank Transfer

The easiest payment is via BACS / Bank transfer. For our banking details, please refer to the reservation and contract form which we will have sent to you by now. If necessary, we will notify you of our IBAN / Swift codes for our international clients.

Credit or Debit Card

Please select the product you wish to pay for below. This service is operated by a third party payment processor. Please note, if you need to pay for a pre-agreed customised option, please select option 4.

1. Sourcing (ASY) - Deposit of 15%

Please pay the deposit required. This is 15% of the full sourcing fee.

X item(s)
2. Sourcing (ASY) – Balance

Please pay the remainder of the balance now that you have your lease.

X item(s)
3. Lettings Package I

Please pay the lettings package fee at £950. This is for Let Only.

X item(s)
4. Customised

Please select this option to pay for a pre-arranged customised fee.

X item(s)