Orlando holiday home investments with mortgages for UK nationals!

Orlando Holiday home investmentWe are happy to announce that we will soon be releasing an investment in Orlando that is geared towards clients that are looking for holiday home investments in Orlando, Florida. Billed as an off-plan product, the rental yields on this investment will sit at around 5 or 6 percent which, admittedly, isn’t the highest rental yield available in this part of the US. However, this is more geared towards clients that want to invest in a more upmarket part of Disney and are looking for appreciation as opposed to rental yields. Plus, the added bonus of using these as holiday homes means that the perfect fit for these will be clients looking for holiday homes in Orlando.

Florida holiday home investments with 70% LTV finance

We’ve just returned from Orlando to do a physical inspection of a few sites that we’ve been considering – especially with the demand from clients in relation to Orlando property investments for UK clients. After a week of traversing across the State of Florida, we finally came across a project that offers something a ticks all the boxes when it comes to investing in Orlando. The best thing about all off this is that financing is available to non-US citizens at a loan-to-value ratio of 70%. This means that the client needs to put down a deposit of 30%. If you are lucky enough to have USA credit history, then financing upto 90% is available. Financing comes in the form of bank finance, meaning there is no developer involvement i.e. not developer finance.

Invest in Orlando for long term capital growth

Just to hammer the point: This investment is a different strategy to what we (and other) UK brokers have previously offered. There is genuine uplift in appreciation on offer, so the clients that invest in this Orlando holiday home investment should be focussed on capital growth and not on rental yields. Yes, you will still be able to rent these units out and attain 5 or 6% net yields, but the real money comes when you come to sell. Orlando has already hit the bottom of the market and has shown considerable uplift in prices compared to other parts of the USA, so the real, rock-bottom bargains are just harder to find. You should see this as a good thing as you would want the market that you’re investing in to be gaining in appreciation. The key is to get involved while the curve begins and that is the opportunity that is being offered here.

Off-plan holiday homes in Orlando – worth the risk?

Investing anywhere off-plan, whether it is in the UK or abroad always carries an inherent risk. The best way to alleviate those concerns is to do your full diligence on all matters and we would say that you should come out to Florida and check everything you need to check. We encourage you to come and fly out to Orlando and we’d be happy for one of our representatives to meet you and show you around.

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