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Bradford student pods – a price comparison

Bradford Student Pods: How much should you be paying? We’re doing a multi-part series on pricing for student pods and looking at how much you investors are paying for student pods compared to other property in the nearby area. Our first look is at Bradford as there

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Developer buy back schemes – does it appeal to you?

Are investments with a developer buy back attractive propositions? In the past, we haven’t given much thought to developments by partner developers and marketeers when it came to investment opportunities that offered a ‘developer buy back’ scheme. In fact, we sometimes stated that it could be an

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UK Student Investments – Spring 2014 update

The student pods merry go round is in full swing In this post, we are providing a general update on the current situation of student pods, student rooms or purpose built student accommodation investments in the UK. Firstly, there seems to have been a slowdown in the

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Student pods for sale might see a dip in interest

New report released: Will there be an effect on student pods for sale? Another week goes by, another set of developments with student pods for sale to the investment market. However, just this week, there were a couple of headline figures in the student sector, both stating

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Ever been tempted by a bargain deal… from the back of a van?

Scam Alert: Bedroom furnishings from the back of a van! Not really related to any particular investment and more of a landlord issue more than anything, but we thought we’d send a quick notice to our clients that are located in the Greater Manchester and Merseyside areas:

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Student investors in Stoke-on-Trent to benefit from changes

Student HMO investments are not immune to changes In the past, we have highlighted concerns in relation to investing in student pods and some clients have contacted us to say they will now not be investing in student pods which they consider to be too risky. Again,

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Sheffield student pods – saturation point already?

Have we hit saturation point for Sheffield student pods? In a previous sales release in 2012, we offered very low cost student pod investments in Sheffield, highlighting the fact that the local Sheffield council had clear intentions of moving the concentration of student homes away from traditional

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Bolton Student Pods – Tenants complain and set up a blog

Bolton student investment is seeing rising tenant concerns Managing a student HMO is difficult enough in, but to extend this idea and to manage a fully functioning Bolton student pod development has, in the last 6 months, been a source of headache for a luxury student pods

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Luxury student accommodation investments – Paying the price

Luxury student accommodation investments – where is the value? We have often struggled with the concept of the self termed luxury investments, especially in target markets that don’t necessitate such descriptions and for the most part, we believe the student investment sector falls under this. We agree

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Property investment coaching? What’s your education worth

Should you ever pay for property investment mentoring or property investment coaching? What are the best ways to learn about property investment in the UK? If you’re a well versed investor with over 20 years of experience, then you are in a better position than a newbie

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