Investment properties in Disney, Orlando – 4 minutes to the theme park!

Invest in properties next to Disneyland

Invest in properties next to Walt Disney

We have some property investments in Florida that are literally 4 minutes away from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. These investments can be used as a vacation or a rental home and there are over 30 units available: condo’s from £48,000 to £75,000.

  • Fully Managed
  • Gross Yields of 15.6%
  • Fully refurbished
  • Net Yields of 9.2%
  • Excellent Location

What is great about this investment is that the apartments (or condominiums in USA speak) have been ‘zoned’ for both rental investors and vacation homes. This means that you can do both without having to apply for any further licenses. At net rental yields of 9% plus, these are well positioned to be sold on at good profits when the market picks up – purely due to location alone.

Can I get a mortgage to acquire apartments in Orlando, USA?

In regular circumstances, yes, not a problem. However, these are being marketed to Americans, Canadians, Chinese and so on. At prices below £100,000, they will inevitably be sold to non-mortgage buyers as this is what the bank is predominantly looking for. If you are a mortgage buyer, then do get in touch, but we’ve been advised that there will be plenty of offers for these particular homes.

Are these units in Orlando ready to rent out or do they need work?

Yes, they are ready to rent out. Some are already being sold tenanted. A significant number of these properties are owner occupied, but the ones that have been released by the bank are all ready to rent out. The bank has agreed to do any necessary refurbishment work required to get any units into a habitable state for rental purposes.

I am interested, but I would like to see them.

No problem – please let us know when you are looking to fly out to Florida and we’ll make sure that we have our associate partners to show you around this investment. Please remember, by the time you fly out, these units may have sold.

Interested to learn more?

If you are interested to read more about this particular investment, then please call us on +44 (0)20 3603 8903 or read the brochure via this link: Disney Property Investment.

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