The best long term property investments

best long term investments 2014We have been asked by our clients what we feel is a good long term investment and if we can offer any products that can provide any long term investment options.

We have two investments in particular that we think are particularly good for long term investments: asylum seeker investments and adult learning social property investments. Both provide fixed returns (albeit linked to inflation, which is positive) over a guaranteed term, fully backed by government bodies that are entrusted with the relevant public sector service.

The reason we feel these long terms investments are better than other long term investment options including stocks or other equity and capital investment is due to the guarantor principally being the government via its local councils that have a duty of care to its citizens, especially those requiring specific needs. In this way, the speculative nature of the investment is avoided when you compare it to long term investment bonds or in stocks as an example. To be fair, our social property investment can be compared somewhat to a long term bond investment, with further security in the form of bricks and mortar.

That’s us in a nutshell when it comes to managed investments that offer long term rental returns, but what about for appreciation? This is where it becomes quite speculative and a bit of guesswork comes into play.

Is London still a good long term investment?

As for things that we do not offer, property in London is still in demand and we can’t see this changing too much in the future. With over 10 million people living in the city, there will always be another wave of people who will want a bite of the ever shrinking pie. It really shouldn’t make sense, and some people still think it’s a bubble waiting to explode. That may be, it’s not something one can predict, but over the long term, it’s a good place to hedge your bets.

Outside of London, Manchester recently came out as a city that had a higher than average capital appreciation but you need to be careful of where you invest in Manchester as there are a number of satellite towns in Greater Manchester that do not and will not offer the same levels of appreciation.

So that’s our current position for where to buy good long term investments in 2014 and beyond. Obviously, we’re going to be biased when it comes to what we have to offer, but we are proud of the way we work with local councils and service providers and have been impressed with the way they have managed and been on the ball with the products that we have delivered on to our investor base.

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